Welcome to DATASET2050! The Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funded by European Commission under H2020- “Aviation Research and Innovation Policy,” GA640353. The CSA is coordinated by Innaxis, with Eurocontrol, University of Westminster and Bauhaus Luftfahrt as partners and key European entities in its advisory board.

DATASET2050 (DATA driven approach for a Seamless Efficient Travelling in 2050) is the very first CSA that – through a cutting edge data science approach – will provide insight into the door-to-door European travel paradigm for the current, 2035 and 2050 transport scenarios. DATASET2050 puts the passenger at the centre, paving the way for a seamless, efficient door-to-door travelling experience. The main focus will be put on analysing how the European transport supply profile (capacity, connections, business models, regulations, intermodality, processes, infrastructure) could adapt to the evolution of the demand profile (customers, demographics, passenger expectations, requirements).

Through expert application of state-of-art predictive analytics, modelling, statistical analyses and data visualisation, with an examination of multimodal data, these analyses will enable the identification of the current and future European mobility models, in addition transport bottlenecks and weak areas across the different scenarios. These findings will serve as a basis for the development of intermodal transport concepts, identifying possible solutions for current and predicted shortcomings. The insights gained through the project’s approach will highlight research needs towards the four hour door-to-door goal formulated by ACARE.

Given the nature and aim of the initiative, the DATASET2050 partners and Advisory Board are comprised of top European transport Entities (universities, policy makers, industry, research Institutes, GIS and inter-/multimodal entities) with major inputs into European strategy agendas. A comprehensive dissemination and communication plan will ensure efficient circulation of the results among key European transport policy makers and stakeholders.

Welcome to this page, the official website of DATASET2050. Its structure is the following:

  • Current home page: Including general information of the DATASET2050 project and links to the rest of the pages.
  • Objectives and work structure: aim and key ideas, procedures and research done in DATASET2050.
  • Partners: Identifying partners within the project including partner description, the country in which they are based, some general information and details of their specific role in the project
  • Events: Detailing information about project meetings, including: place, time and main agenda details. Outlining communication events, such as previous and future events. Web-streaming of events, if technically feasible.
  • Work completed and deliverables: Providing insight into key milestones and current research activities. Although granular, specific analysis is not provided, general informative perspective is provided in an effort to broaden the abstract and potential stakeholders interest in the project.
  • Forum: Focusing on the interaction with external stakeholders, via joining our LinkedIn group-forum. This open forum aims to enrich the interactions between the members of the project, the research community and all the relevant stakeholders that want to be included in communications from DATASET2050 and be punctually informed of upcoming DATASET2050 events.


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Door-to-Door Mobility Workshop (12 July)

Thank you for presenting/attending the successful DATASET2050 workshop on Door-to-door metrics ;) Presentations will be soon available

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